Devon New Build Needs Type A and Type C Underground Waterproofing

Hey’di and SovDrain ranges are both being used to ensure effective underground waterproofing in this new build structure.

Sovereign experts have worked closely with planners and contractors, with several site visits, to provide a Best Advice document.

Type A protection is provided by industry-leading Hey’di K11 Tanking Slurry, salt resistant cementitious tanking compound for the protection of structures against water from the ground.

SovDrain cavity drain membranes, robust drainage membranes for use above or below ground on walls, floors and ceilings are to be installed to comply with Type C waterproofing requirements.

The contractor is a member of the Association of Sovereign Approved Contractors and is therefore able to provide the owner with independent Insurance Backed Guarantees.

The Sovereign ranges of underground waterproofing and gas barrier solutions have been developed from intensive R&D, supported by highly-trained, qualified experts offering free technical advice.