Small New Build Space Needed Two Types of Waterproofing

For this project, a new build small family home in Somerset, Hey’di K11 Tanking System and SovDrain Cavity Drainage Membranes were installed to meet the requirements of NHBC and the Warranty provider.

Successful waterproofing involved the use of Sovereign’s Type A Barrier System, Hey’di K11 Tanking System, and Sovereign’s Type C SovDrain Cavity Drainage Membrane System.  Both of these systems are supplied with independent third party accreditation in the form of British Board of Agrement (BBA) Certification.

To create a grade 3 environment according to BS8102, it was necessary to address internal atmospheric conditions and to control the potential problem of condensation.  The answer was to utilise the Sovereign range of ventilation products and this included installing a Sovereign ConCure 20/20 Positive Input Ventilation Unit, a technically advanced system that can provide a whole house solution to condensation.

For the patio area, Sovereign’s GeoDeck cavity drainage geo-composite system was used.

There was very little space in which to work and even less to lose.  Careful design and experienced planning enabled not only completion of the plan, but even left room for a small garden.

Sovereign advisers were involved from the start, helping draw up plans, identify key issues and work alongside a knowledgeable contractor.

The success is an example of the right products being applied in experienced hands to a plan created by highly trained experts.

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