Two Basements to Flats Conversion

Sovereign were asked to assess what was needed in converting a house in Manchester to two flats, utilising two separate basements.

Following appropriate preparation, the first task was the installation of a Sovereign drainage facility and sump and pump system to ensure the effective collection and disposal of any water ingress. Our systems are designed to be very easy to install and, just as important, easy to maintain.

For maximum waterproofing and protection against damp, the basements were lined with SovDrain CDM8 Membrane to the walls and SovDrain CDM20 Membrane to floors.

SovDrain Membranes provide simple and fast track application to walls and floor where the intention is to protect new finishes from the effects of dampness and/or salt contamination in above ground situations and prevent water ingress in below ground areas such as cellars, basements, vaults, and tunnels.

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