Chester Cathedral School Needed Effective but Sympathetic Plastering

Sovereign Renderlite fitted the bill perfectly when we were asked to send the local expert to advise on plastering work needed after refurbishment at Abbey School, Chester.

The school is a listed building which lies within the cathedral grounds, so the work had to be a more traditional plaster finish, sympathetic to older buildings built with lime based mortars and lime based plasters. It also had to be of the highest quality, of course.

After inspection, our very experienced specialist recommended a two stage process incorporating RenderLite Renovating Plaster, which allows walls to breathe but prevents the movement of salts.  The job was completed with an application of RenderLite Finishing Plaster, which, when cured, forms a hard wall finish that also allows the walls to breathe.

The huge extent of the Sovereign range and the team of experts behind it put Sovereign in a unique position to address any issue of building protection or repair.

Highly experienced professionals are available at Sovereign to give free, unbiased advice for every stage of any building project.

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