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Timber & Wood Treatment Products

Sovereign’s Timber Preservatives and wood treatment products provide a highly effective preventative and remedial treatments to combat Wet and Dry Rot and Infestations of damaging Wood Boring Insects.

So whether your property is suffering the effects of rot or insect infestation or whether you simply want to protect and enhance the timbers, then Sovereign have the complete range of Timber treatment Preservatives for your use.

Our fully comprehensive range of market-leading Timber treatment products and wood treatment chemicals, cover a number of our hero products including Sovereign’s popular decorative woodstain SX70, the recognised leading brand name in the industry since the mid 1980’s.

These are just some of the hero ranges for our Damp Proofing sector:

For new joinery or preservative treating wood before painting our solvent based preservatives such as Sovaq Woodworm Killer, Sovaq Fungicidal Wall Solution Extra etc are ideal.

Our popular marketing leading range of Decorative Wood Stains can be used to protect and beautify both internal and external timber. This is led by our hero SX70 Woodstain solvent based product which is available in a variety of colours and sizes. This product is easily applied directly to bare wood without the need for primer or undercoat. Application of just two coats delivers a superb finish that allows the beauty of the natural grain to shine through. These colours are ideally suited for the treatment of hard or soft wood in external applications.

Beginning 2019 Sovereign also have launched Exterior Wood Oil and Decking Stains, designed to enhance the natural beauty of new and pre-existing decking, sheds and timber. It replaces natural wood oils that are lost over time and provides an attractive, water repellent finish.

Sovereign also supply a range of multipurpose high peformance Woodfiller, a two pack rapid setting polyester filling compound for timber. Ideal for repairing old rotten timber and for new work where imperfections or knots require filling.

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SX70 Woodstain

SX70 Wood Stain. Solvent-based microporous wood stain, with flexible alkyd resin, water repellents, pigments, flow additives, UV absorbers and broad spectrum fungicide. 

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Timber Treatment-Brown-25 Litre
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Sovereign Woodfiller is a two pack, rapid setting polyester filling compound for timber. It is ideal for repairing old rotten timber and for new work where imperfections or knots require filling. Used by professionals and DIV.

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Sovaq Dual Purpose Timber Treatment 1L

A concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion for the eradication and prevention of all wood boring insects and wet and dry rot in both hard and soft woods.

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SX70 Basecoat

Sovereign SX70 Basecoats are solvent-based coatings for use on all types of untreated soft or hard wood.

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Sovaq Woodworm Killer 1L

Sovereign Sovaq Woodworm Killer a concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion for use to eradication and prevent all wood boring insect attack in both hard and soft woods.

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SX70 Topcoat

Sovereign SX70 Topcoat is a solvent based coating for use as a finish coat over SX70 Woodstains, to enhance the colour and give a semi-sheen finish. 

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Deepkill 5L

Sovereign Deepkill is a deep penetrating cream emulsion, perfect for use on thick sectioned timbers, but can also be used on all types of timbers including floorboards, roofing timbers and furniture.

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Sovaq Fungicidal Wall Solution Extra

Sovereign Sovaq Fungicidal Wall Solution Extra (FWS Extra) is used for the eradication of Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) in masonry. 

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Timber Treatment

Contains a resin and pigments in a low odour solvent. The product also contains biocidal additives for the protection of the coating.

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