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Hey'di Tanking System – Type A

Sovereign Hey’di System is an internationally renowned waterproof tanking system for the protection of structures from moisture including internal and external tanking. Sovereign Hey’di System is used for cellar and basement waterproofing so that they can be turned into dry, habitable rooms. The Sovereign Hey’di System can also be used to keep water from leaking out of structures so can be used to waterproof swimming pools and drinking water tanks. Within the Hey’di System is Antisluphate a salt neutraliser for masonry contaminated with ground salts.

Barriermortar is a non shrink grout used for filling holes and to provide a concave fillet at internal angles. Sovereign Hey’di K11 powder is mixed with Sovereign SBR Bonding Agent to form a slurry that is applied to prepared masonry. Once cured the Sovereign Hey’di System will resist up to 15 bar (150m head) of water pressure from the negative side. Where active water is penetrating through masonry Sovereign Hey’di Powder X will plug leaks in seconds. Sovereign Hey’di Rapid Mortar is a rapid setting powder that can be used for grouting anchor points and machinery into masonry and concrete and for making fixing though the K11 system. If a basement is in a radon affected area then after waterproofing with Sovereign Hey’di K11 Sovereign Radon Barriercoat can be applied. Radon Barriercoat is a radon proof membrane that also prevents ingress of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and is also a moisture vapour barrier.

Both the Sovereign Hey’di K11 System and Radon Barriercoat are independently tested and hold current BBA Certificate. Free of charge specifications for the application of K11 and Radon Barriercoat can be provided for each individual contract. Where a vapour barrier is required on floors then Sovereign Epoxy DPM is ideal. This can be used directly on to concrete above ground or on top of Sovereign K11 below ground.

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Hey'di Flexi Floorcoat - 10kg

Sovereign Hey©di Flexi Floorcoat is a ready for use liquid applied damp proofing floor membrane. It can be used in both above and below ground situations.

Key Features
Hey'di K11 Tanking Compound

Salt resistant cementitious tanking compound for the protection of structures against water from the ground and which maybe potentially subject to hydrostatic pressure. K11 can be used on the external side of buildings below ground level where positive pressure exists, or on the internal (negative) side, without the need to build supporting walls. The Sovereign Hey'di tanking system is fully covered by British Board of Agrement Certificate 91/2608.

Key Features
Hey'di Bonding Agent

Bonding Agent is a dispersion polymer of carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer. It has been extensively used in the building industry for many years in the modification of cementitious systems. 

Key Features
Hey'di Antisulphate

Hey'di Antisulphate is used to treat damp, salt affected masonry. It is an essential element of the Hey'di K11 basement tanking system and is also useful in the treatment of above ground structures such as chimney breasts and in the treatment of flood damaged properties.

Key Features
Hey'di Barrier Mortar 25kg

Sovereign Hey'di Barrier Mortar is a hydrophobic, non-shrinking repair mortar. It is an integral part of the Sovereign Hey'di K11 Tanking System, used to create a fillet at wall/wall and wall/floor junctures.

Key Features
Hey'di Rapid Mortar

A quick setting cement based powder which, when mixed with water, becomes a versatile grouting/patching material for the repair, restoration and protection of concrete and masonry.

Key Features
Hey'di Powder X

Sovereign Hey'di Powder X is a rapid setting-plugging compound used to stop water leaks prior to tanking with the K11 System. 

Key Features
Hey'di Brush

Sovereign Hey'di Brush is a 6" Inch block brush designed to help apply the correct thickness of K11 slurry to the substrate.

Key Features
Hey'di Nitrile Gloves Pack: 1 pair

High performance Hey'di nitrile compound, providing an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength, for optimal results in wet or dry work environments.

Key Features
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