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Quantum Moisture Meter

Key Features
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A new state of the art meter capable of measuring the moisture content of various substrates using both pad and pin sensors. 

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A new state of the art meter capable of measuring the moisture content of various substrates using both pad and pin sensors. In addition, associated data such as air temperature, relative humidity and spot surface temperature are all available at the touch of a button. This allows the surveyor to diagnose and specifically identify any individual areas within the property at dew point, or close enough to pose a condensation problem. A bright traffic light series of LEDs display instant visual information and below this a numerical readout is available for recording specific readings. Contained within the security case the unit sensor probe is permanently attached to the meter and there are no other costly auxiliary attachments required that can be mislaid or lost.

The unit is contained inside a high visibility Peli security case

The Pad Sensor

Using advanced capacitive power-loss techniques the moisture content can then be assessed for various substrates. This is displayed using green, red and yellow LEDs, and also numerically as a % moisture content. An audio signal can be activated in the amber and red zones.

  • Non-destructive.
  • Large areas can be covered quickly
  • Minimal affect from dissolved salts
  • Variations in electrical properties will be largely averaged out over the field generated by the pad

The Pin Sensor

The pins are pushed into the substrate and measures DC resistance between the pins.

  • Can be used in confined spaces
  • Not affected by uneven surfaces

There may be slight variations in readings because the pad will give an average reading over a large area, whereas pins will give the highest reading in contact with the pins.

Benefits and features

  • Robust construction
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Repair service available

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