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Using Cement based products during Winter Months


The big freeze has arrived but that doesn't mean you have to stop working and wait for spring. Whilst there are a number of associative risks when working in cold winter temperatures, it’s important to remember that certain risks can easily be prevented with the right tools, efficient planning and correct products.

Cementing During Winter MonthsBricklaying is one of a number of areas of work that can be majorly affected during the cold and frosty winter temperatures. When temperatures begin to drop, the reaction rate between water and cement can be affected – resulting in mortar taking longer to set and the overall strength to be affected. This delay in setting time of mortars can not only delay your job but also cause the structure to not be as strong as it should be – meaning you may have to knock down the rebuild, which will add extra time onto the job.

To avoid any risks when working during winter conditions, at Sovereign we recommend a minimum usage of 5oC across our entire range of products. To help aid the setting time of mortars during the winter months, here at Sovereign we sell the highly innovative Super Concentrate Antifreeze and Rapid Setter. This accelerating admixture is made from a blend of calcium and aluminium and works to allow the mortars to set and cure normally during low temperatures.

This Antifreeze and Rapid Setter available to buy online at can greatly aid the setting time of bricklaying, rendering and concreting if you are working in cold conditions, although it’s important to remember that no work should be carried out in the event that any masonry has frozen.

Sovereign’s Super Antifreeze and Rapid Setter is available to buy online in 5L and 20L litres with FREE DELIVERY to Mainland UK on all orders with a value of £75 or over (excluding VAT).

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