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Floor Levelling Products

Sovereign manufacture a wide range of floor preparation and finishing products. Sovereign FLC is a high quality floor levelling compound for smoothing and levelling internal concrete floors. Mixed with water it can be used from a feather edge up to 6mm deep and is suitable for use with under floor heating.

Sovereign Latex floor levelling compound Polymer Additive can be used to mix with FLC where increased performance is required e.g. abrasion resistance, adhesion and moisture resistance. If the floor to be levelled is timber then Sovereign Flexible Self Levelling Floor Compound and Floor Screed is recommended. Both FLC and FFLC are underlayment’s so must be finished with a suitable flooring material such as tiles or carpet etc.

Where a hard wearing surface is required then Sovereign Hi-Tech Rapid FLR should be used, suitable for repairing and topping off concrete from 5 – 15mm. Hi-Tech Rapid is suitable for heavy duty areas such as factories and garages. All surfaces must be primed with Sovereign Neoprene Primer before being levelled. Where the floor is damp then Sovereign Epoxy DPM can be used to provide a rapid curing surface membrane. Once the DPM has cured it can be primed and levelled using Sovereign floor leveler compounds. Our range of flooring products also includes various finishes such as our hard wearing Epoxy Floor Paint. Sovereign Epoxy Floor Paint is low odour and suitable for use in hygiene areas such as dairies and breweries as well as garage and factory floors where its high level of chemical resistance is a must.

To protect concrete, paving paths, patios and driveways Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer can be used. A clear, solvent based acrylic coating containing oil and water repellents helps keep surfaces clean. For sand jointed blockwork Sovereign Paving Block and Joint Sealer is a must. This moisture curing polyurethane resin seals the surface and binds sand particles together. This prevents wash out of the sand and reduces weed growth keeping blocks stable for longer. To increase the surface hardness, reduce porosity and dusting of concrete Sovereign Dustproofer and Hardener is recommended. When placing sand cement screeds under 40mm in thickness then they should be gauged with Sovereign SBR Bonding Agent. Sovereign SBR can also be used to form a slurry bonding coat to increase adhesion of cementitious screeds to concrete slabs. Sovereign Aqueous Bitumen is used to form a water proof membrane in concrete floors. Aqueous Bitumen is applied to floors prior to laying a minimum 50mm floor screed.

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Floor Levelling Compound 25kg

For preparing sound subfloors for the installation of new floor coverings.

Key Features
Flexible Floor Levelling Compound 20kg

Sovereign Flexible Floor Levelling Compound is a polymer and fibre reinforced smoothing compound for the preparation of uneven subfloors prior to the application of various floor finishes.

Key Features
Hi-Tech Rapid FLR 25kg

Sovereign Hi-Tech Rapid FLR is a high quality, polymer modified, cementitious self-levelling compound, designed to give a smooth durable floor finish

Key Features
Rapid Dry Deep Base 20kg

Rapid Dry Deep Base is a fast track floor levelling compound for situations where floors need to be reinstated with the minimum amount of downtime. 

Key Features
Neoprene Primer 5L

Sovereign Neoprene Primer is a high performance adhesion promoter and sealing compound for use with Sovereign Floor Levelling Compound (underlayment) and Sovereign Hi-Tech FLR (wear coat). 

Key Features
Latex Polymer Additive 5L

Sovereign Latex Polymer Additive is a ready to use emulsion and will improve adhesion, water resistance, salt resistance, integral strength and surface durability of Sovereign Floor Levelling Compound.

Key Features
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