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Tile Sealer & Sealants

To complete your tiling project a good seal is required to ensure the integrity of the water resistance of the installation. Sovereign Kitchen and Bathroom Sanitary Grade Silicone is a top quality sealant that contains a fungicide to protect it from mould growth. Sovereign Kitchen and Bathroom Sanitary Grade Silicone is 100% silicone so will not shrink and has excellent adhesion to ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass and acrylics. To protect tiles and grout Sovereign Stone Sealer provides an oil and water resistant invisible barrier to all types of tiles. For slate tiles we recommend our Slate Sealer which whilst enhancing the appearance also provides water and oil repellency.

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Easy Paving Grout

The simple, clean, rapid solution for grouting wide joints in driveways, terraces, patios and paths that is permeable, allowing paving to drain. No mixing required, simply pour onto the paving, brush and compact into the joints... That's it, done!

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Stone Sealer

Sovereign Stone Sealer is a state-of-the-art penetrating sealer for all natural stones, ceramic tiles and grout. It will repel water, oil and dirt, making cleaning easier and staining much less likely. Stone Sealer can be used internally and externally and does not alter the appearance of materials to which it is applied.

Key Features
Slate Sealer

A penetrating sealant, which provides a water repellent and oil resistant finish. After application the colour is enhanced and the surface less likely to stain.

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Path and Drive Sealer

Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer is a polymeric, clear sealer for application to exterior paving bricks, concrete, flagstones and porous tiles. Sovereign Path and Drive Sealer is a solvent system to allow deep penetration into the substrate

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Dustproofer and Hardener 20L

Concrete Dustproofer and Hardener solution is a chemical petrification solution produced to harden and dustproof concrete and Terrazzo floors permanently.

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SBR Bonding Primer 1kg

Sovereign SBR Bonding Primer in a concentrated polymer primer, sealer and admixture for use when tiling with cementitious adhesives and grouts, and is particularly suitable for areas subject to repeated and prolonged wetting.

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