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Wall & Flooring Products

Sovereign manufacture a range of cost-effective Flooring & Tiling supplies and solutions for the sealing, preparation and levelling of existing floors prior to tiling or the application of solid wood or laminate flooring.

Sovereign have been at the forefront of developing SPF (Single Part Flexible Adhesives) for over two decades, as well as the leading manufacturer of high quality traditional adhesives.

Whatever your Flooring & Tiling project might be, Sovereign can provide all the chemical products you need to achieve superb results.

These are just some of the hero ranges for our Flooring & Tiling essentials sector:

Our Levelling products are used to smooth and level floors in preparation for laying a wide range of floor coverings. Our range includes our hero product Floor Levelling Compound, a high quality floor leveller for internal concrete floors. Where a hard wearing surface is required then Sovereign Hi-Tech FLR should be used.

We provide a range of Ready Made and Powdered Adhesives which can be used for a variety of tiling tasks & projects. Gripmaster and Super Gripmaster are traditional ready-mixed paste tiling adhesives for fixing porous bodied tiles to sound, rigid and absorbent backgrounds. Both products are suitable for dry or low humidity applications and conform to BE EN 12004 D1TE standards.

We also supply a range of floor tile supplies, tile installation products and paving grouts, including Stone and Slate sealers both clear, invisible penetrating sealers repels staining from both oil and water-based liquids. As well as Easy Paving Grout available in both Grey and Natural, our simple, clean, rapid solution for grouting wide joints in driveways, terraces, patios and paths.

As with all our product ranges, Sovereign holds a comprehensive range of accreditations and approvals for its products, helping ensure that when you choose Sovereign you choose QUALITY.

Sovereign have been at the forefront of Flooring & Tiling products and solutions since 1965 and are recognised UK leaders in development, manufacture and marketing of high performance adhesives for the tiling professional.

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Stone Sealer

Sovereign Stone Sealer is a state-of-the-art penetrating sealer for all natural stones, ceramic tiles and grout. It will repel water, oil and dirt, making cleaning easier and staining much less likely. Stone Sealer can be used internally and externally and does not alter the appearance of materials to which it is applied.

Key Features
Flexi Anti-Mould Wall and Floor Grout

Sovereign Anti-Mould Grout is a flexible joint filling compound suitable for walls and floors in joints up to 15mm wide. It dries to a hard, durable, shrink resistant, mould resistant and water resistant finish, suitable for interior and exterior use.

Key Features
Porcel-Flex Standard Set

Specially formulated for the rapid fixing of ceramic floor and wall tiles both internally and externally

Key Features
Watertite Shower Kit

Sovereign Watertite Shower Kit contains all the materials necessary to waterproof the area within a shower enclosure prior to tiling.

Key Features
Floor Levelling Compound 25kg

For preparing sound subfloors for the installation of new floor coverings.

Key Features
Wall Tile Grout (White)

Sovereign Wall Tile Grout is a cement-based polymer modified joint filling compound for tile joints up to 3mm wide around all types of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Wall Tile Grout is formulated to provide a non-slump, readily compactible grouting slurry, which can be easily applied across all types of ceramic tiled surfaces using a sponge or rubber squeegee.

Key Features
Porcel-Flex Rapid Set

Sovereign Porcel-Flex is specially formulated for the rapid fixing of ceramic floor and wall tiles both internally and externally. 

Key Features
Super Gripmaster Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive

Sovereign Super Gripmaster Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive is a high viscosity, acrylic emulsion polymer based adhesive. 

Key Features
Watertite 5kg

Sovereign Watertite is a specialist liquid applied membrane offering a simple method for waterproofing building materials prior to tiling.

Key Features
Flexible Floor Levelling Compound 20kg

Sovereign Flexible Floor Levelling Compound is a polymer and fibre reinforced smoothing compound for the preparation of uneven subfloors prior to the application of various floor finishes.

Key Features
Flexible Tile Adhesive (Two Part) 15kg

Sovereign Two Part Flexible Ceramic Tile Adhesive has been specifically designed to fix tiles in areas subject to movement such as timber floors.

Key Features
Goldstar White Flexible Tile Adhesive 16kg

A super-white thin bed, waterproof wall tile adhesive that remains flexible after curing. Particularly suited to substrates subject to some movement or vibration, such as timber

Key Features
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