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Building & Construction Products

Sovereign develop and manufacture an extensive range of high quality construction products designed to deliver exceptional quality, excellent value and a superb finish for product specifiers and the bricklaying professional. Whether you are working on a large construction project or medium to small, Sovereign have the high quality construction products to fulfil your requirements.

With hundreds of general building products to choose from covering a number of ranges, Sovereign are the Construction Products specialists with you every step of the way from the initial foundations to finishing touches and have been specialists in this sector since 1965.

These are just some of the hero ranges for the Construction Products sector, many we class as our hero products and have done since 1965:

Bricklaying Products and construction chemicals include a variety of plasticisers to improve the workability and durability of mortar mixes. From Supa Admix Concentrate, a highly Vinsol based plasticiser to the more traditional plasticisers such as Admix.

Expanding Foams, also known as insulation foam is used for insulating, stopping draughts, filling gaps and dampening sound. Sovereign offer a large and diverse selection of Expanding Foams (in an aerosol container) from Gun Grade Fire Resistant Foam to Gun Grade Foams.

We also supply a large and diverse selection of Adhesive Sealants (in cartridge form), from Low Modulus Silicone which provides a watertight flexible seal on many common building substrates to Sanitary Grade Silicone Sealant a premium quality acetoxy curing silicone containing anti-fungal compounds to prevent mould growth.

We also supply the PPE products to make sure when using our products you’re covered whether it be gloves or eye protection. Regulations are in place to ensure all that personal safety is prioritised.

As with all our product ranges, Sovereign holds a comprehensive range of accreditations and approvals for its products, helping ensure that when you choose Sovereign you choose QUALITY. Our Plastering and Rendering section includes three products Rendermix, Renderlite and Renderlite Finish all of which have BBA Accreditation.

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Super 6 410ml

A universal 'wet' lubricant spray that loosens rusted and seized parts. Particularly useful for cleaning and maintaining moving parts, machinery, engines, loosening chains, shutters, locks etc.

Key Features
Supa Admix Concentrate 1L

Sovereign Supa Admix Concentrate is an extremely concentrated version of the standard Sovereign Admix Concentrate. For over 30 years generations of builders have used and trusted Sovereign Admix, being based on Vinsol Resin and not synthetic resins it gives mortars excellent working properties.

Key Features
Multi-Purpose Silicone

Sovereign Multi-Purpose Silicone is a high modulus acetoxy curing silicone that will provide a watertight flexible seal on many common building substrates.

Key Features

Sovereign Mortamix is a quality plasticiser for use in mortars and renders. The addition of Mortamix improves the workability, reduces water requirement and precludes the need for lime.

Key Features
Heavy Duty Steel Pump/Sprayer

Heavy Duty Steel Sprayer/Hand Pump for use with both aqueous and solvented liquids or creams. Ideal for the application of timber treatments, water repellents and Sovereign Injection Cream.

Key Features
Foam Gun Cleaner 500ml

Sovereign Foam Gun Cleaner is an aerosol product containing a solvent for cleaning all uncured PU foams. 

Key Features
Epoxy Repair and Anchoring Resin 380ml

Sovereign Epoxy Repair and Anchoring Resin has been specially formulated as a thixotropic, high strength grout for the permanent anchoring of metal into concrete or brickwork.

Key Features
Rapid Set PVA Adhesive 5kg

Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is a specially formulated product for fast setting of wood and laminate assemblies. Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is supplied ready to use.

Key Features
Crack Tie Helicoidal Bar

Sovereign Crack Tie Helicoidal Bars are three helical stainless steel reinforcement rods, which can be used in accordance with BS 5628 (part 2) for reinforcing bed-joints to enhance lateral loading resistance in new and existing buildings. 

Key Features
Remtox Multi-Purpose Silicone

Remtox Multi-Purpose Silicone is a high modulus acetoxy curing silicone that will provide a watertight flexible seal on many common building substrates.

Key Features
Powder Mortar Plasticiser

Sovereign Powder Mortar Plasticiser (PMP) is an air-entraining admixture to improve the workability of cement mixes such as mortar and render. It is available as either a free flowing powder or in a pail of pre-weighed sachets for ease of use.

Key Features
Mastic Gun

A single component manual bead gun applicator ideal for DIY and semi-professional users. 

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