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Sealants & Mastic

Sealants are used in the construction trade to prevent water and other fluid substances from passing through joints, openings or other material surfaces. However, they are not only used for blocking substances, but they are also very important in some industries for the prevention of air, dust, sound and fire transmission. Furthermore, sealants provide protection from insects, such as around windows and surrounding sinks.

It is important when building in a domestic or commercial setting to use a high-grade sealant product to protect the work from all of the above issues. For example, bathroom construction requires a quality mould-resistant and waterproof sealant to seal gaps and joints, while kitchens also benefit greatly from fungicide treating sealants to stop mould growth and multiplication, as per building regulations. Using a sanitary grade 100% silicone sealant in bath or wash rooms is essential to ensure that it does not shrink over time and allow substances to seep through.

In addition to a kitchen or bathroom sealant, Sovereign produces a high-grade lead sealant which bonds well to metals and masonry. Also available is a flexible, neutral curing silicone mastic for construction applications which is particularly suitable for sealing around doors and windows between the frame and the masonry.

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Sanitary Grade Silicone Sealant Case: 6x310cc

Sovereign Sanitary Grade Silicone is a premium quality acetoxy curing silicone containing anti-fungal compounds to prevent mould growth in areas subject to high humidity.

Key Features
Low Modulus Silicone

Sovereign Low Modulus Silicone is a low modulus neutral curing silicone that will provide a watertight flexible seal on many common building substrates. Conforms to BS 5889. (Part A) ISO 11600 G-25 LM, DIN 18545 E.

Key Features
Multi-Purpose Silicone

Sovereign Multi-Purpose Silicone is a high modulus acetoxy curing silicone that will provide a watertight flexible seal on many common building substrates.

Key Features
Decorfil Case: 12x310cc

Sovereign Decorfil is a water based filler and sealant for use prior to painting and decorating to fill gaps where movement may occur. Typical uses are between plaster and door / window frames and also along skirting boards.

Key Features
Flamacryl Case: 12x310cc

Sovereign Flamacryl is an acrylic joint sealant, which in the event of a fire will intumesce (swell) to form an insulting char that is fire resistant and will resist the passage of smoke and fire. 

Key Features
All Weather Sealant

A Universal Co-Polymer Sealant that can be used for a wide range of sealing and weatherproofing applications around the home and in industry. Can be applied in wet weather.

Key Features
Lead Sealant Case: 12x310cc

Sovereign Lead Sealant is specifically designed for use in conjunction with lead flashing. It cures to give a flexible, durable and watertight seal between lead and most roofing substrates. 

Key Features
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