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Plastering & Rendering Products

When replastering damp walls after rectification works e.g. DPC installation gypsum wall plasters are unsuitable as they are not moisture tolerant and allow the migration of salts. Sovereign Renderlite Renovating Plaster is a moisture and salt resistant plaster that is also thermally efficient, so giving walls an improved U value. At the same time Renderlite Renovating Plaster is breathable so damp walls can dry out as the Renderlite does not trap moisture. Renderlite Finishing Plaster can be used to provide a tough hardwearing skim finish and can be applied in as little as 24 hours after Sovereign Renovating Plaster.

For general rendering or where high levels of sulphates exist or even for tanking applications Sovereign Sulphate Ready one coat Render is ideal. It can be used internally and externally on masonry backgrounds, it can be hand or spray applied and is ideal for rendering swimming pools and facades subject to intense weathering. A quick and easy way to fix plasterboard and insulation is Sovereign Fast Fix Board Adhesive. Applied using a standard foam gun, Fast Fix Board Adhesive is sprayed onto the rear of the board and then pressed into place.

When fixing plasterboard it can be skim finished in around 1 hour. If a background is not strong enough or is contaminated e.g. with paint and needs to be rendered then Sovereign Expanded Metal Lath can be used. Mechanically fixed to the background the metal lath can will support the render and keep it fixed against the wall. Sovereign Plasprime is a unique and patented primer for the preparation of walls prior to skim finishing. Plasprime provides a superb mechanical key so that skim plaster can be applied over paint, wallpaper paste residues, plaster bonding agent, browning, waterproof render plaster etc.

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Rendermix Concentrate

Sovereign Rendermix is a waterproofing additive for incorporation into the backing render coat after the insertion of a DPC injection. When used in sand cement renders it also provides workability so that further admixtures are not required.

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Renderlite Finish Plaster 25kg

Sovereign Renderlite Finishing Plaster is a gypsum based plaster for use as the final coat after Sovereign Renderlite Renovating Plaster. When cured it forms a hard wall finish plaster that allows the walls to breathe.

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Renderlite Renovating Plaster 25kg

Sovereign Renderlite Renovating Plaster is ideal for any plastering situation. Its performance characteristics, which allow walls to breathe but prevent the movement of liquid moisture and salts, make it particularly suitable for use on damp walls or after the insertion of a chemical DPC.

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Plasprime X 10L

Sovereign PLASPRIME X© is a next generation of primer for the plastering and rendering professional. Using patented PLASPRIME© technology it has all the same properties of the original but is now suitable for external use.

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Plasprime 10L

Sovereign PLASPRIME© is a newly developed GREEN primer for the plastering professional. It is green in colour but more importantly the product is environmentally friendly as it contains around 20% of recycled material.

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