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Paints & Primers

Sovereign Chemicals Limited manufactures a range of paint products plus ancillaries for both the DIY enthusiast and tradesman alike, including specialist treatments. Sovereign Primers include Acrylic Primers, a water based paint for internal or external use and a Stain Blocking Primer, a water based acrylic coating used to mask unsightly stains and prevent bleeding of wood staining into subsequent coatings. Sovereign Aluminium Primer, an exterior grade wood primer with aluminium flake acts as an excellent barrier to water vapour and seals resinous knots. The oil based Trade Primer is for internal or external use.

Decorative Paints include Sovereign Trade Gloss, a decorative, high gloss oil based paint for the professional tradesman for interior or exterior use whilst Sovereign Trade Emulsion Matt is of high quality for the decoration of interior walls and ceilings. Sovereign SX70 and AQ70 woodstains are high quality stains suitable for both hard and soft woods, with SX70 Topcoat for use as a finish coat over SX70 woodstains to enhance the colour. SX70 Basecoat is designed to give protection for timbers from the workshop until fitted on site. Sovereign Silexine Smoothcote external Masonry Paint is an acrylic water based, blister proof and durable smooth masonry brick paint with outstanding anti fungal properties.

Sovereign Chemicals Limited also produces a range of specialist paints and surface treatments. Dentolite Sterilising Solution Concentrate can be purchased separately for the eradication of mould on internal surfaces or as part of the Mould Control Pack. Masonry Sterilising Wash will kill off active growth of moss, mould and algae both internally and externally. Once mould has been eradicated Fungi Check Emulsion contains a powerful fungicide to provide long term protection of the paint film from the reappearance of mould. Sovereign Bitumen Paint can be applied to a wide variety of materials. Decorating sundries, Sovereign Stabilising Solution, a water based solution for the consolidation of powdering and weather worn substrates, Turps Substitute and Masking Tape can also be obtained when ordering your paint products.

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Fungi-Chek AntiCon

Biocidal paint that also reduces surface condensation. AntiCon can be used on internal walls, ceilings, pipework and metals to provide protection from fungi and mould growth. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and ceilings and anywhere condensation and mould are a problem.

Key Features
Fungi-Chek Emulsion

High quality acrylic emulsion suitable for wall and ceiling surfaces where mould growth is a problem. 

Key Features
Mould Eradication Additive 50gm

Sovereign Mould Eradication Additive is added to emulsion paints or wallpaper paste to prevent black mould from growing on internal surfaces. 

Key Features
Scrub Out Black Mould 500ml

Scrub Out Black Mould is a fungicidal cleaner; containing a powerful blend of biocide and detergent to eradicate mould on internal surfaces.

Key Features
Acrylic Primer 5L

Sovereign Acrylic Primer is a water based primer undercoat for both new and previously painted timber. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Key Features
Water Based Stain Blocker 2.5L

Sovereign Stain Blocking Primer is water- based acrylic coating used to mask unsightly stains and prevent bleeding of wood tannins into subsequent coatings.

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