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Expanding Foams & Fillers

Our professional expanding foam products are versatile, moisture curing adhesive foam that comes in either a Foam Gun or nozzled canister. Sovereign Foam Filler comes in different varieties, so that you can fill any gaps in materials ranging from masonry, plasterboard and even wood.

Our expanding foam is perfect for filling in gaps when fitting windows and doors and repairing holes in masonry. We also have Fire Rated Expanding Foam which is ideal for sealing around fire doors and partition walls. It has been specially modified to provide fire resistance and is vital for sealing joints that need to meet fire safety requirements.

If you need to fix and repair plasterboard, insulation and cement board then you may need our Fast Fix Foam Filler that cures in just one hour and can be applied using our high-quality Foam Gun for a quick and smooth solution.

Sovereign Woodfiller is another quick curing product and comes in a range of different colours, so this polyester resin can fill in holes and cracks in many different types of wood and timber. This durable Foam Filler can be used in interiors and exteriors and has a porous finish that allows it to accept wood stains just as easily as the rest of the wood.

Our high quality, award-winning Fire Rated Expanding Foam, Foam Filler and Foam Gun are building essentials and we are proud to offer these first rate products. If you need expanding foam and Foam Filler for hole and gap repair, then please explore the range here on our site.

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Expanding Foam Case: 6x750ml

Sovereign Expanding Foam is a one part moisture curing polyurethane foam under pressure in an aerosol container.

Key Features
Gun Grade Fire Resistant Foam Case: 6x700ml

Sovereign Fire-Resistant Foam is modified, one-component polyurethane foam for filling and sealing joints for which there are fire resistance requirements.

Key Features
Gun Grade Foam Case: 6x750ml

Sovereign Gun Grade Foam is a one part, moisture-curing polyurethane foam under pressure in an aerosol container. Excellent bonding, filling and noise suppressant properties. 

Key Features
Foam Gun Cleaner 500ml

Sovereign Foam Gun Cleaner is an aerosol product containing a solvent for cleaning all uncured PU foams. 

Key Features
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