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Building Equipment & Tools

Sovereign supply a wide range of Building Tools and Equipment for a variety of products and applications including the hero product Bulk Injector Mastic Gun, for use in conjunction with the Injection Cream Sausages when installing a chemical damp proofing course in a property.

There is no necessity to introduce the Injection Cream under pressure. This product has a strong robust design, can be cleaned easily and produce fast application and can also be used to apply Deepkill a deep penetrating cream emulsion, perfect for use on thick sectioned timbers, but can also be used on all types of timbers including floorboards, roofing timbers and furniture.

For more heavy Injection Sausage applications we recommend our new Heavy Duty Sprayer with a Safety valve and pressure gauge, this product is also ideal for aqueous and water repellents.

Amongst many other specialist equipment for surveying buildings that Sovereign can supply, are Endoscopes for the investigation of inaccessible areas such as wall cavities and under floors, etc. Metal Detectors for the locating of existing steel wall ties, Thermo-Hygrometers to measure temperature/Relative Humidity and Infra-red Thermometers to measure the surface temperature of specific objects close up but without actual contact.

Sovereign also supply a wide range of heavy duty electric and hand operated Pumps, used for the injection and spraying of various Sovereign products used in remedial Chemical Damp Proofing and Timber Preservation, along with a wide range of other equipment and ancillaries used for remedial treatments, including an appropriate variety of safety equipment and cleaning materials.

With hundreds of equipment tools to choose from assisting a number of Sovereign hero products, we also stock rubble sacks, EML fixings and metal detectors, Sovereign are widely recognised as the Construction Products specialists with you every step of the way from the initial foundations to finishing touches and have been specialists in this sector since 1965.

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Bulk Injector Gun

Sovereign Bulk Injection Gun, complete with nozzle is suitable for the easy application of our 600ml Sovereign Injection Cream Sausages.

Key Features
Deepkill Gun

Perfect for the easy application of the Sovereign Deepkill Paste.

Key Features
Tango Cream Pump and Liquid Sprayer

This sprayer has been manufactured with first quality materials and exclusively designed to be used with sovereign Sovaq Timber Treatment range and Sovereign Injection Creams.

Key Features
Mastic Gun

A single component manual bead gun applicator ideal for DIY and semi-professional users. 

Key Features
Polyester Resin Gun

Sovereign Polyester Resin Gun is a Heavy-duty gun with strong steel skeleton frame with quick-release trigger for instant pressure release. 

Key Features
Foam Gun

Professional, metal PU foam gun with metal fitting and flow adjustment screw. Ergonomically designed handle for ease of use. Standard screw thread for any gun foam type.

Key Features
Metal Detector

The Sovereign Metal Detector is a lightweight, all metal apparatus perfectly suited for wall ties.

Key Features
Drill Hole Dust Puffer

Ideal for cleaning dust from drilled holes prior to applying bonded anchors or installing mechanical anchors. Also an integral part for Cream DPC installation.

Key Features
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