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Construction Adhesives

Sovereign Prostick 2000 is our premier construction adhesive; it bonds tenaciously to most construction materials and forms a strong elastic bond. Prostick 2000 can also be used as a sealant and is suitable for internal and external use. Sovereign Multi Purpose Panel Adhesive is a traditional solvent based gap filling adhesive for general construction use e.g. bonding skirting boards. For the environmentally conscious a great alternative to solvent based adhesives is Sovereign Solvent Free Invisible Nails, a construction adhesive with excellent grab and non slip properties.

Sovereign PU Rapid Construction and Joinery Adhesive can be used. PU Rapid can be used inside and out on timber, masonry and many other surfaces, supplied in 310ml cartridges for use with a standard mastic gun. PU Rapid foams slightly to help fill gaps and voids. For fixing plasterboard, cement board and insulation Sovereign Fast Fix is ideal. Unlike dot and dab fixing, plasterboard can be skim finished in as little as 1 hour.

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PVA Adhesive

Sovereign PVA Adhesive and Bonding Agent finds wide use in the Building Industry.

Key Features
Waterproof PVA

Sovereign Waterproof PVA is a specially developed fast curing, waterproof woodworking adhesive. 

Key Features
Rapid Set PVA Adhesive 5kg

Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is a specially formulated product for fast setting of wood and laminate assemblies. Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is supplied ready to use.

Key Features
PU Rapid Construction and Joinery Adhesive Case: 12x310cc

Sovereign PU Rapid is a one component, thixotropic polyurethane adhesive with good gap-filling properties. Sovereign PU Rapid reacts with moisture giving a highly structured cross-linked permanent and waterproof adhesive bond. Sovereign PU Rapid complies with EN 204.D4 1991.

Key Features
PUR Adhesive 500ml

Sovereign PUR Adhesive is a one-part moisture curing adhesive designed to adhere wood, MDF, metal, laminates, rubber, some plastics and many other substrates. Suitable for internal and external use.

Key Features
One Shot 3kg

Sovereign One Shot urea-formaldehyde powdered resin is a waterproof gap-filling wood glue. One Shot is particularly suitable for interior and exterior joinery, shop fitting, assembly gluing, synthetic laminates, and veneers.

Key Features
Pro Stick

Sovereign Pro-Stick 2000 is a universally applicable elastic construction adhesive and sealant, based on MS-Polymer.

Key Features
Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive Case: 12x380cc

Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is a one-part gunnable synthetic, rubber based neoprene adhesive, ideal for Panel and Batten Bonding. Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is highly viscous and will fill small gaps. It is easy to apply and cures rapidly.

Key Features
Fast Fix Board Adhesive 750cc

Sovereign Fast Fix Board Adhesive is a rapid new way of installing dry lining systems for both new build and refurbishment work. The adhesive can be used to bond plasterboard, tile backer board, insulation and timber sheets to masonry backgrounds, metal framing and timber studs.

Key Features
Contact Cleaner 1L

Sovereign Contact Cleaner is for the use of cleaning brushes and equipment, immediately after using Sovereing Contact Adhesive, Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive and Sovereign Invisible Nails.

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