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Construction Adhesives

Our comprehensive range of construction adhesives will meet all your project needs. From PVA wood glue to waterproof adhesive, our high quality products are designed to work first time every time.

The right adhesive is critical when you want to get a professional finish and our PVA wood glue is easy to use, letting you achieve the best possible bond with a fast curing finish. This waterproof glue can also be sanded and finished with paint or varnish.

PVA adhesive has a wide range of applications in the construction industry thanks to its strength and ease of use. Waterproof adhesive ensures that bonds can stand up to anything, with rapid setting technology to rapidly bond wood and laminates.

Our range of premier construction adhesives are specially formulated here at Sovereign Chemicals to deliver the gold standard in building products. Our specially formulated PVA wood glue can tackle any laminating task or the seamless installation of trim and moulding. Our PVA adhesive is a highly effective primer and sealer creating strong and long lasting bonds. Opt for a waterproof glue when good resistance to humidity is required.

When your construction project requires the best, check out the range of construction adhesives from Sovereign Chemicals.

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PVA Adhesive

Sovereign PVA Adhesive and Bonding Agent finds wide use in the Building Industry.

Key Features
Waterproof PVA

Sovereign Waterproof PVA is a specially developed fast curing, waterproof woodworking adhesive. 

Key Features
Rapid Set PVA Adhesive 5kg

Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is a specially formulated product for fast setting of wood and laminate assemblies. Sovereign Rapid Set PVA is supplied ready to use.

Key Features
PU Rapid Construction and Joinery Adhesive Case: 12x310cc

Sovereign PU Rapid is a one component, thixotropic polyurethane adhesive with good gap-filling properties. Sovereign PU Rapid reacts with moisture giving a highly structured cross-linked permanent and waterproof adhesive bond. Sovereign PU Rapid complies with EN 204.D4 1991.

Key Features
PUR Adhesive 500ml

Sovereign PUR Adhesive is a one-part moisture curing adhesive designed to adhere wood, MDF, metal, laminates, rubber, some plastics and many other substrates. Suitable for internal and external use.

Key Features
One Shot 3kg

Sovereign One Shot urea-formaldehyde powdered resin is a waterproof gap-filling wood glue. One Shot is particularly suitable for interior and exterior joinery, shop fitting, assembly gluing, synthetic laminates, and veneers.

Key Features
Pro Stick - Case of 12, 290cc Cartridges

Sovereign Pro-Stick is a universally applicable elastic construction adhesive and sealant, based on MS-Polymer.

Key Features
Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive Case: 12x380cc

Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is a one-part gunnable synthetic, rubber based neoprene adhesive, ideal for Panel and Batten Bonding. Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is highly viscous and will fill small gaps. It is easy to apply and cures rapidly.

Key Features
Contact Cleaner 1L

Sovereign Contact Cleaner is for the use of cleaning brushes and equipment, immediately after using Sovereign Contact Adhesive, Sovereign Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive and Sovereign Invisible Nails.

Key Features
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