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Surface Coating Products

Sovereign Warm Touch insulation is a simple Surface Coating solution to problems caused by cold, solid walls, such as Condensation and Black Mould. Solids walls or those with hard to treat cavities are prone to damp caused by Condensation, Traditional internal insulations is costly and intrusive to fit, requiring the removal of skirting rail boards, doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture. This is particularly problematical for social housing occupants who may require alternative accommodation with the associated costs and destruction to family life.

Our Sovereign Warm Touch Surface Coating solution can be applied without mess, fuss and disruption to occupants and can be carried out by decorators, builders and even competent DIY’ers.

Warm Touch overcomes ‘thermal bridge’ issues, but is permeable allowing the wall to ‘breath’ making it an effective barrier against Condensation and the damages to wall coverings caused by ugly black mould.

Warm Touch has excellent sound absorption capacity; reducing echo, providing a cushion effect and absorbing sound - improving acoustics and cutting noise from both inside and outside the home.

Because it’s made from latex, the Surface Coating Sovereign Warm Touch Foam is highly elastic, which can effectively cover cracks and other wall and ceiling blemishes with a smooth, elastic surface that can stretch, bend and relax.

Warm Touch also beats the cold, reducing energy consumption, giving a gain of between 2 and 6°c, eliminating the cold walls that causes condensation.

Warm Touch is not suitable for external use or in areas subject to prolonged wetting e.g shower enclosures. The use of Sealants other than the Sovereign Warm Touch Sealant may adversely affect the System’s fire performance.

Sovereign’s extensive range of specialist Condensation Products include Ventilation Systems, as well as Mould Treatments and Surface Coatings that resist the development of Condensation and Mould on treated surfaces.

Sovereign are THE experts in condensation, its causes, symptoms and solutions.

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Warm Touch Insulation

Sovereign Warm-Touch© Insulation is used to combat black mould growth caused by condensation on cold walls. It does this by increasing the temperature of a wall so that it is above dew point so that condensation cannot form.

Key Features
Warm Touch Adhesive 5L

Sovereign Warm-Touch Adhesive is used to bond our revolutionary wall insulation to internal walls of masonry, plaster, brick and concrete etc. It is also used to bond the Warm-Touch Skirting Channel and Warm-Touch Corner Tape.

Key Features
Warm Touch Sealant 310ml

Sovereign Warm-Touch Sealant is an integral part of the system and provides continuity of the fire resistance and sound/heat insulation.

Key Features
Warm Touch Corner Tape 30m

Warm Touch Corner Tape is used to cover corners where warm touch has been cut to the edges when installed on a wall.

Key Features
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