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Condensation Control & Solutions

Sovereign’s extensive range of specialist Condensation Solutions and Products include Ventilation Systems, as well as Mould Treatments and Surface Coatings that resist the development of Condensation and Mould on treated surfaces.

Condensation in flats, houses and buildings is one of the most common causes of dampness. Quite simply condensation is water that is released from moisture laden air and deposited on cold surfaces, and is usually seen as a problem during the colder winter months. 

Examples of condensation is seeing your breath in cold weather and when mirrors or a cold tap steam up in a bathroom.

In your house condensation is often seen on windows being more noticeable on cold mornings, and possibly on external walls. Condensation is also found where air movement is restricted, such as in corners of rooms, behind items of furniture placed against walls and even in wardrobes or cupboards. Its presence can be first indicated by the development of black spot mould growth on walls and ceilings, and even furniture, clothes and other fabrics. Condensation could also lead to wood rot of affected timbers including suspended floors. 

Appropriate measures need to be taken to control condensation which can be achieved by ensuring an adequate balance between heating, ventilation and insulation. However, more often than not other additional control steps are required. 

These are just some of the hero ranges for our Condensation Control Systems sector:

Our Anti Mould and Fungal Paints, including Fungi-Chek Emulsion is a high quality acrylic emulsion suitable for the usual wall and ceiling surfaces where mould growth is a problem and the new Fungi-Chek Anticon So a biocidal paint that also reduces surface condensation. 

Sovereign also supply Airflow products such as our Auto Concure 20/20 PIV unit is the most technically advanced system available and provides a whole house solution to condensation.

Sovereign are THE experts in condensation cures, its causes, symptoms and solutions.

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Loft Plus PIV Unit

Loft Plus PIV is supplied with an energy efficient preheater to temper incoming air. Designed to stop heat loss in the duct, Loft Plus PIV increases input air temperature by up to four degrees vs other traditional PIVs available. Easy fix antivibration base and hanging kit supplied as standard.
Integral dynamic controls allow for bespoke installation set up as well as data recall showing running conditions and unit performance.

• Energy efficient - consumes as low as 2.2 Watts
• Fully configurable air flow and heater temperature for maximum resident comfort
• Lower energy costs for tenant in keeping with Government Directive regarding energy efficient appliances in Social Housing

Key Features
White PVC Pipe 2m x 100mm

Sovereign White PVC Pipe is a round 100mm internal diameter strong and durable ducting pipe that is used in conjunction with the Sovereign Concure Wall Mounted Unit.

Key Features
Auto ConCure 20/20 FILTER - 240mm x 710mm

Costing as little as three pence per day to operate, Sovereign’s Auto ConCure 20/20 ‘Positive Input Ventilation’ unit provides a constant stream of warm, fresh, filtered air that raises the Dew Point, ventilates the home and offers a highly effective solution to damp problems caused by condensation.

Quickly and easily fitted in the loft with some simple electrical work, the Auto ConCure 20/20 circulates naturally warm, filtered air from the loft space around the home, mixing up with the warm air near ceilings to raise the ‘Dew Point’, substantially reducing the risk of condensation.

Key Features
Aqua-Chek 5L

Water based water repellent for masonry substrates. Sovereign Aqua-Chek is a novel blend of alkylpolysiloxane in an aqueous dispersion of hydrophobic substances. It is supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water prior to use. Aqua-Chek has zero VOC - no organic solvent.

Key Features
Weather-Chek Facade Cream 5L

Simple to use water repellent for the protection of external masonry from penetrating damp and freeze thaw damage.

Key Features
Replacement Filter for Loft Unit

Replacement air filter for use with the Concure 20/20 loft mounted ventilation unit.

Key Features
45 (Degree) Bend 100mm

A plastic 90° angle bend connector for use with 100mm duct pipe for Concure Flat/Basement Anti-Condensation unit.

Key Features
90 (Degree) Bend 100mm

A plastic 90° angle bend connector for use with 100mm duct pipe for Concure Flat/Basement Anti-Condensation unit.

Key Features
T-Piece Connector 100mm

A plastic, single piece T junction for use with the 100mm Concure flat unit Ventilation Pipe. Required where a single pipe is split to provide two branches.

Key Features
Pipe Connector 100mm

A plastic, single piece connector for use with the 100mm Concure flat unit Ventilation ducting pipe.

Key Features
Internal Wall Grille

Used in conjunction with the Sovereign Concure wall mounted Ventilation Unit. 

Key Features
Wall Kit with External Vent

A 350mm duct wall kit which includes a 100mm diameter PVC pipe and attachable Terracotta Energy Saving Cowl (155 x 155mm) for use with the Sovereign Concure wall mounted Ventilation unit.

Key Features
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