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Construction professionals such as yourselves will start to notice more and more products they use carrying the CE Mark shown above. The reason for this is the recent introduction of the CPR (Construction Products Regulations) into British Law. Until recently CE Marking of construction products was voluntary but there now exists a legal obligation for manufacturers to provide proof of their products “fitness for purpose”.

Sovereign products have always met the relevant European Standards but were not CE Marked due to the extra costs involved – CE Marking requires a greater level of attestation and independent verification of results.

Now that CE Marking is compulsory for all manufacturers any Sovereign product that is subject to a European Standard will be CE Marked. We have been working with some of the world’s foremost independent testing laboratories to ensure that our products are properly certified.

The CE Mark provides proof of this “fitness for purpose” and the manufacturer affixing the CE mark shows that the construction product will enable the finished construction works such as a home or school to comply with the Construction Products Regulation requirements (called Basic Works Requirements) of:

- Mechanical resistance and stability

- Safety in case of fire

- Hygiene, health and environment

- Safety & accessibility in use

- Protection against noise

- Energy economy and heat retention

- Sustainable use of natural resources

Available on this page are the DoP’s (Declaration of Performance) for each product we manufacture that requires a CE Mark. These are available to download and hard copies are available on request.

Renderlite Finish

- Renderlite Renovating Plaster

- 2P Flexi TA

- Whitewall Onecoat plaster

- Gripmaster

- Super Gripmaster

- Waterproof Tile Adhesive

- Floor Levelling Compound

- Flexible Floor Leveller

- Hi-Tech Rapid FLR

- Rapid Dry Deep Base Floor Leveller

- Epoxy DPM

- Powder Mortar Plasticiser

- Sulphate Resistant Ready Render

- Fix n Grout

- Goldstar Tile Adhesive

- Sovdrain CDM20

- Sovdrain CDM3

- Sovdrain CDM3 Lath


- Sovdrain CDM8


- Sovdrain CDM8 Lath

- Admix


- Supa Admix


- Mortamix


- Standard Tile Fix White


- Standard Tile Fix Grey


- Quick Fix


- Powder Mortar Plasticiser


- Porcel-Flex Rapid Set Grey


- Porcel-Flex Rapid Set White


- Sanitary Grade Silicone


- Multi Purpose Silicone


- Remtox Multipurpose Silicone


- Construction Grade Silicone


- Low Mod Silicone


- Lead Sealant


- Decorfil


- Polysulphide

BBA British Safety Council BDMA pca BSI CPD