Years of Neglect Help Create a House of Horrors

When Sovereign experts were called to survey a building prior to change of use to flats, they found the need for a DPC using Injection Cream was just one of a multitude of issues needing attention.

Water penetration had caused dampness problems leading to wet rot and insect damage internally, the damp proof course had failed, and damaged plaster needed to be removed and replaced. 

Sovereign has a huge range of products specially designed to address issues such as these, even when they are as extensive and varied as we found here.

A chemical damp proof course was inserted using Sovereign Injection Cream, a blend of silane/siloxane cream emulsion that reacts with moisture to form a highly effective hydrophobic barrier against rising damp in masonry structures. 

New plaster was applied using two products from the Sovereign Renderlite range – Renovating Plaster and Finishing Plaster – being a water resistant plastering system, allowing walls to breathe whilst preventing the migration of damaging salts. 

Areas of rot were treated with Sovaq Dual Purpose Preservative, a concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion for the eradication and prevention of all wood boring insects and wet and dry rot in both hard and soft woods.

To prevent water ingress from an area that was earth retaining, treatment was carried out using the Hey’di K11 System, a salt resistant cementitious tanking compound.

Walls in need of a re-skim were first treated with Sovereign Plasprime, a primer specifically developed for this purpose, to create a better and uniform surface for re-plastering.  

More Sovereign products were used to prevent condensation to ensure that these flats stay dry and problem free from atmospheric moisture issues.

All in all, a range of issues which each needed individual diagnosis and treatment.  Only a company with the breadth of products such as can be found at Sovereign could have offered comprehensive, specialist solutions.

Highly experienced professionals are available at Sovereign to give free, unbiased advice for every stage of any building project.

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