Years of Damp and Insects Create Need for Extensive Intervention

Excess moisture and wood boring insects had caused extensive damage to timbers in a barn in Devon, tanking and timber treatment being amongst the most urgent.

The conditions were not helped by high external ground levels.

Sovereign experts were called to the site and, after a thorough survey, prescribed a dual course of action to eradicate the insects and create a waterproof environment to prevent further damage and re-infestation.

Following appropriate preparatory works timbers were treated with Sovaq Dual Purpose Preservative, a concentrated quick drying micro-emulsion for the eradication and prevention of wood boring insects and wet and dry rot in both hard and soft woods.

A Type A form of waterproofing, the  Sovereign Hey’di K11 System was employed to help create a building suitable for habitable use.

The Sovereign Hey’di System is an internationally renowned waterproof tanking system for the protection of structures from moisture, both above and below ground, including internal and external tanking.

The system includes a selection of specifically-designed products of which several were used here, including Barrier Mortar, a non-shrink mortar used for filling holes and to provide a fillet at internal angles. 

Within the Hey’di System is Antisluphate, a salt inhibitor for masonry contaminated with ground salts. 

A tanking slurry was created by mixing Sovereign Hey’di K11 powder with Sovereign Hey’di Bonding Agent that is then applied to a suitably prepared background. 

Once cured the Sovereign Hey’di System will resist up to 15 bar (150m head) of water pressure on the negative side.

New plaster was applied using two products from the Sovereign Renderlite range – Renovating Plaster and Finishing Plaster, being a water resistant plastering system, allowing walls to breathe whilst preventing the migration of damaging salts.

The huge extent of the Sovereign range and the team of experts behind it put Sovereign in a unique position to address any issue of building protection or repair.

Highly experienced professionals are available at Sovereign to give free, unbiased advice for every stage of any building project.

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