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  1. Timber Preservation for your Home

    Wood is one of the oldest and most versatile materials incorporated into both modern and old buildings. Despite all of wood's charismatic features, it is vulnerable to insect damage such as woodworm and to wood destroying fungi in the form of dry and wet rot. If these predators are left untreated, the wood can be destroyed and the buildings strucural...
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  2. Homeowners’ Guide to Condensation, its Causes and Treatments

    Here at Sovereign Chemicals we regularly see at first-hand the effects of condensation in the home. To help our customers tackle this common problem, we have produced a handy and helpful brochure investigating the causes of condensation as well as offering advice on how best to treat the effects. Our Homeowners’ Guide to Condensation, its Causes and Treatments delves into...
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  3. Prevent the Effects of Rain Penetration & Wet Weather

    Wet weather can cause damage to buildings, and so it is worth taking the time, effort and relatively small expense to treat your buildings and protect them from such damage. Wet weather protection can be easily achieved by treating a building with water repellent. This is a chemical treatment that is simple to apply. It forms a hydrophobic layer that...
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  4. The Faster, Cleaner, Easier Alternative to Traditional Cement

    Available to buy online, Sovereign Easy Paving Grout is a special blend of resins mixed with selected sands to provide a superior paving jointing mortar to use with almost all natural and concrete stones and slabs. Easy Paving Grout is supplied as a pre-mixed, ready to use mortar for filling off joints in paving for areas such as paths, patios...
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  5. Winter Jobs made easier with Sovereign Chemicals

    Recently we took a look at the effects of storing building products in cold temperatures. Such a climate can affect the cure or setting time however, if these products are stored correctly, in the advised temperatures, you should be able to continue working. Therefore we felt we should update our customers on how winter temperatures can wreak havoc on any...
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  6. The Sovereign Guide to Mould & Condensation

    Condensation and mould is something of a scourge in the modern home, and it can be difficult to get rid of. If your home suffers from condensation and its effects, then it's well worth understanding how it occurs so that you can take steps to eliminate its causes. What is Condensation and Mould? The atmosphere around us always contains a...
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  7. Flooding, How Sovereign Can Help!

    To have one’s property flooded is virtually always personally devastating to those affected. The emotional, physical and financial impact is enormous and in many cases, long term. And the problem of flooding, it would appear, is becoming increasingly prevalent. Unfortunately those not understanding the full ramifications of flooding can unwittingly prolong the pain for the affected householder. Indeed, it is...
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  8. Prepare for Low Winter Temperatures with Sovereign

    With the cold winter months finally here, it’s important for all our customers to understand the effects colder winter temperatures will have on any of the building chemicals that you will be using in your work. Storing products or supplies in an unheated storage unit overnight (such as your van or garage) in low winter temperatures can often affect the...
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  9. Condensation Season With Sovereign

    October to April are months that any home may become susceptible to condensation, and is generally known as "Condensation Season". While condensation can occur any time of the year, homes are generally more at risk during the colder winter months when the warm moist air comes into contact with the cold surfaces, resulting in the water deposits of condensation. There...
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  10. Prepare Your Garden For The Summer Months

    March signals the start of British summertime where dryer, warmer days arrive (hopefully) and it is the perfect time to get your garden into great condition to prepare for the sunnier months ahead. At Sovereign we have a wide range of products which can help transform any outdoor space or garden area – allowing you to relax in your perfect...
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