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Radon Protection

The building regulations (Section C2) state that “precautions must be taken to avoid danger to health caused by substances found on or in the ground covered by the building”.

Radon, a radioactive gas is one such substance and is found in varying degrees throughout the UK.

Reducing concentration of Radon gas to below 200 Bq/m3 in occupied building is critical in order to protect personal health.

Radon protection requirements in new build properties is described within BR 212 as being at two levels :

- Full Radon protection

- Basic Radon protection

Information on the individual area requirements is available via the Health Protection Agency (HPA) or British Geological Survey.

Sovereign Chemicals Ltd have developed a liquid applied Radon protection membrane which is BBA certificated and will effectively provide your basic Radon protection requirement.

A free individual Specification Service is available for customers.

Effective radon reduction in existing buildings

Radon remediation measures are sometimes required in existing buildings where the level of Radon has been measured and found to be above the action level. Various methods of remediation exist that have varying degrees of success and are suitable only for certain levels of measured Radon contamination. By far the most successful method for reducing Radon levels in existing buildings without major disruption for the householder is the use of Positive Pressure Systems such as the Sovereign Concure 20/20 units. These work by blowing a slow, steady stream of fresh air into the building, causing a small increase in the internal pressure of the house which in turn forces Radon out of the building through gaps/voids that are present in all types of construction.

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